Meet Tawq, Our Advanced AI & NLP Powered Voice Intelligence Platform

It’s simple. Upload your audio and video files and get the transcribed file with complete analytics of speaker sentiments, keyword density, intent, topic analysis, and more. With its intuitive UI and ease of use, what’s not to love?

Who Can Use Tawq?

Tawq offers Voice Intelligence that re-imagines all the aspects of your audio and video calls and  gives your invaluable business outcomes using advanced voice-based analytics. It automatically captures searchable action items and important notes, making it extremely useful for individuals and groups in many professions, including:

Lawyers & Academics
Podcasters & YouTubers
Customer Support Staff
Human Resources
Marketing & Sales
Sports Commentators
Voice Mail & Phone
Call Analysts
Automotive Dealers
What Makes Tawq An
Ideal Solution?
Speaker Diarization

Distinguish different speaker voices in your transcription request and assign user IDs to each individual.

Powerful Transcription Engine

Transcribe global media through a powerful transcription engine that employs AI for predictive analysis and actionable intelligence.

Keyword Cloud

Create more readable transcriptions that predict the most frequently used words and phrases for significantly improved voice recognition.

Confidence Score

Employ machine learning to calibrate a confidence score between 0 and 10 for each individual in several different datasets.

Sentiment Analysis

Use end-to-end multi-language ASR to recognize the mood and tone of the speaker with near-ideal characteristics and offer suggestions.

Custom Vocabulary

Utilize a fully-managed customizable environment that picks domain-specific keywords that you feed the system.


Capture accurate, vetted, and automated transcripts for a wide range of audio types regardless of file source and language settings.

Noise Robustness

Deploy tools that contribute toward cleaner audio or background noise without requiring additional noise cancellation.

Multilingual Settings

Understand and transcribe 16 different languages without manual help and deliver near-accurate results.

Want to know how Tawq works?

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Use Cases

Get a wide range of rich meta-data to record all major communication modalities. With transcribed information you get to control unsolicited communications and make sure the operations adhere to legal requirements.

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Call Center

Transcribe recordings for sentiment analysis, performance tracking, and a well-informed workforce that can address concerns with accurate analytics.

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Decoding Interviews

Examine transcribed interviews to gather takeaways such as experience, expertise, and interests. Recognize the confidence, adaptiveness, and leadership traits of the applicants.

Media Broadcasting

Publish your story in a flash by minimizing manual transcription workload. Find, replace, track, and highlight important notes and assign IDs to set live triggers on targeted keywords.

Board Meetings

Accurately transcribe and summarize the minutes of meetings that highlight tasks, frequently used words, and decisions for easy extraction of action items.


Reduce the turnaround time and make your dictation workflow manageable with verbatim transcription and highlight the key drivers for customer satisfaction and compliance.

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